Choices About Alcohol

Choices about Alcohol is an evidence-based program that addresses higher risk alcohol use among college students to assist in reducing the risk of negative outcomes in the future.

Choices about Alcohol is an alcohol education program utilized as an educational sanction when a UW-Madison student is found responsible for alcohol (or related) violations through the Chapter UWS 17 nonacademic misconduct disciplinary process. UW-Madison has used Choices about Alcohol since 2011.

What is Choices about Alcohol?

Choices about Alcohol is a group experience with 8-12 other students and consists of two, 90 minute sessions. This program is intended for students who indicate moderately risky use of alcohol or are involved in a policy violation that does not have aggravating factors. The program sessions are facilitated by professional substance abuse counselors. In the sessions, students will be provided an opportunity to examine their academic, emotional, and physical well-being in a manner that facilitates better choices in the future.

Why are students required to complete Choices about Alcohol?

The University is committed to assisting students found responsible for alcohol-related misconduct in reducing the negative consequences of their alcohol use. Choices about Alcohol is one of the most effective education programs to help students reduce their risk associated with alcohol use.

How do students enroll in Choices about Alcohol?

Choices about Alcohol is provided on campus by University Health Services. Students receive information about how to enroll in Choices about Alcohol in the decision email sent from their Investigating Officer.

How do students verify completion of the program?

Students are generally required to complete Choices about Alcohol within four weeks from their case decision date, and the exact due date is listed in a student’s finding letter issued by the investigating officer. Upon completion, UHS notifies the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards, which will notify the investigating officer. Documentation regarding completion necessary for any court appearances should be requested from the provider.

What happens if students miss a session or do not complete Choices about Alcohol?

Please refer to the UHS cancellation policy for information on charges associated with missed sessions. Failure to complete Choices about Alcohol would constitute a violation of UWS Chapter 17.09(16), “Noncompliance with disciplinary sanctions,” and could result in additional disciplinary action, sanctions, and a hold placed on registration and transcripts.


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