The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards upholds every student’s right to learn in an inclusive community that fosters integrity through challenging and supporting students to reflect, integrate, and act on their Wisconsin Experience.

We aim to foster a sense of belonging within a welcoming environment, while challenging and supporting students to reflect, integrate, and act upon their Wisconsin Experience. University staff employ a compassionate, educational, and supportive manner in the student misconduct process.

Our approach is to guide student behavior for the common good while respecting the rights and responsibilities of all members of the University community.

Rights and Responsibilities

Students have the right to live and learn in safe environments.

OSCCS is responsible for upholding all students’ rights.

Students have the obligation to act with integrity, inside and outside of the classroom.

OSCCS has the responsibility to consistently and fairly follow university policies and procedures.

Students are accountable for the consequences of their actions.

OSCCS follows an educational and restorative approach to addressing student misconduct.

Our Staff

Tonya Schmidt

Assistant Dean of Students and Director


Ryan Podolak

Student Conduct Coordinator


Additionally, OSCCS works with staff in University Housing to investigate cases involving on-campus residents, instructors who investigate incidents of academic misconduct, and students, faculty, and staff of the misconduct committee who hear cases as specified by university policies.