Generative Artificial Intelligence

At UW-Madison we expect our students to uphold the core values of academic integrity which include honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility.

The availability of artificial intelligence (AI) tools like Chat GPT, Dall-E, and others has afforded us both opportunities and challenges as it relates to academic integrity. As stated in UWS Chapter 14, “Students are responsible for the honest completion and representation of their work, for the appropriate citation of sources, and for respect of others’ academic endeavors.” 

Students are responsible for knowing their instructor’s expectations when it comes to using AI tools.  If it is unclear whether AI tools are allowed in a particular course or for an assignment, it is the student’s responsibility to ask their instructor before using them. Instructors’ expectations will vary from course to course. If an instructor does not allow the use of AI tools and they suspect a student has used them, they will invite the student to meet with them about the possible violation of UWS 14.03(1)(b) Use of Unauthorized Materials.  

As a reminder, if students are allowed to use AI tools they must cite any word for word use and paraphrasing generated by the tool:

Tips for students:

  • Know your instructors’ expectations around using AI tools in your courses. It is your responsibility to know and follow your instructor’s expectations. Expectations will vary across courses. If unsure, check your course syllabi, course information in Canvas, or talk with your instructors.
  • Be aware that posting queries or text into AI tools may share that information with the broader internet community. Consider it the same as posting on a public forum.
  • Cite your work. If you’re allowed to use these tools, you must cite them in your work.
  • Uphold the values academic integrity. If your instructor suspects you have used ChatGPT or other AI tools contrary to their expectations, they should contact you directly to have a meeting about their concerns.
  • Do you have questions about the academic misconduct process (outside of instructor)? Connect with staff within the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards to help you navigate the process.