Student Records for Staff

Student misconduct records are protected by the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) and may only be released to individuals/offices with a legitimate educational need-to-know or by written release from the student subject. OSCCS often provides information on student academic and nonacademic misconduct to campus partners when misconduct is related to academic program admissions decisions or certain privileges like study abroad and on-campus employment. Please contact our office with questions about what records might be pertinent to your work on campus.

Campus departments can request batch records through the following procedure.

  1. Create a folder or use a pre-existing folder on Box at
  2. Use this spreadsheet to provide relevant student identifiers. At a minimum we need first and last name and the ten digit campus/student ID number added to the Roster tab. Upload the completed document to the Box folder. You may rename this file to suit your needs.
  3. Share the folder with the staff of OSCCS, giving them editor permissions.
  4. Email with the subject “OSCCS records request”. In the body of your email include:
    • the purpose of the records check
    • the campus department requesting the information
    • and the type of information requested.
    • Generally, we provide incident dates, findings (policy violations responsible or not responsible), sanctions issued, and incomplete or pending sanctions, if applicable, as you can see on the spreadsheet. We will also include notes about specific cases that may be of concern from our office’s perspective. Please let us know in the email if additional information is desired.
    • Include the deadline for the records check(s) including if you need final checks before departure dates or final admissions decisions (e.g. for programs with rolling admissions). Please provide at least 5 business days lead time for our office to complete our checks.
  5. We will email you when we have completed the records check and updated the spreadsheet in Box, or if we have additional questions about the request.

It is recommended that you also include at least one other staff member from your unit as an editor for the folder and that each unit only use one folder for records requests. For example, it is preferred that study abroad programs for WSoB is contained within one folder. Admissions information for WSoB majors would be contained within a separate folder.

If your department does all your student hiring at one time, use multiple roster sheets to receive differentiated lists of records. Otherwise, all student records will be returned on one sheet.