Nonacademic Expulsion

Expulsion for nonacademic misconduct means termination of student status with resultant loss of all student rights and privileges.

  1. Expulsion shall be systemwide in effect and shall be noted on an individual’s transcript.
  2. An individual who is expelled from one institution in the University of Wisconsin System may not enroll in another institution in the system, except as provided in s. UWS 17.18.
  3. An individual who is in a state of expulsion from the university under this chapter, or who leaves or withdraws from the university while under nonacademic misconduct charges under this chapter, may not be present on any campus without the written consent of the chief administrative officer of that campus.

A respondent who has been expelled may petition for the right to apply for readmission. The petition shall be in writing and directed to the chief administrative officer of the institution from which the respondent was suspended or expelled or of a different University of Wisconsin institution to which the respondent seeks admission. The chief administrative officer shall make the readmission decision. In cases of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking cases, the readmission decision should be made in consultation with the Title IX coordinator, and the complainant should be notified of any change to the disciplinary outcome.