Reporting Interpersonal Violence

Interpersonal violence includes sexual assault, stalking, dating & domestic violence, or sexual harassment. For victims, sharing their experience can be a difficult decision. If you’ve experienced interpersonal violence or been the victim of a crime, you have options and the choice of how to proceed is largely up to you.

Reporting to Confidential Offices

Any conversations you have with the following campus and community resources are confidential. These services provide support to victims and will explain options for other campus resources, such as academic accommodations.

For 24/7 confidential consultation with a health care provider or counselor, students may call University Health Services at 608 265-5600 (option 9).

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Reporting to University Staff who are not Confidential

Student victims who report to non-confidential university staff are entitled to academic, employment, transportation, and residential accommodations on campus and in all university activities to remedy the harms caused by interpersonal violence, even if the victimization occurred off campus and/or was not committed by a student.

Victim are able to receive these accommodations even if they do not wish to participate in a nonacademic misconduct investigation. In certain circumstances actions will be taken against a respondent even if the complainant does not participate, in order to protect the safety of the campus community.

Complaints can be submitted by victims of any individual who has knowledge of the interpersonal violence.

To contact UW-Madison’s reporting and complaint advisors or a Title IX coordinator, email Lauren Hasselbacher for a response during business hours.

The following offices are non-confidential places to report interpersonal violence.

In certain circumstances, the above University staff may have to take action to address or intervene with the alleged respondent and/or eliminate a hostile environment based on the allegations reported. Victims and complainants always have the choice of how much they wish to participate with a university process.

To Report Sexual Assault and other Gender-based Violence to the Police

The police investigate crimes and are responsible for maintaining safety on campus and in the city of Madison.

UW–Madison Police Department
Non-Emergency: 608-264-2677
1429 Monroe St.

Madison Police Department
Non-Emergency: 608-266-4316
211 S. Carroll St.

If the violence occurred outside Madison, contact the police department with local jurisdiction.