While some plagiarism is deliberate, many students plagiarize unintentionally. They fail to cite sources or correctly paraphrase, which causes sloppy scholarship. Helping students understand how to attribute others’ work properly can help them avoid plagiarism. This can be done by addressing it during class, on assignments, or on class websites. We’ve compiled resources here for you to use in your courses.

Helpful Websites

Advice on how to design writing assignments that discourage plagiarism

Good resource for explaining different types of plagiarism to your students with examples

10-question quiz on plagiarism, which explains the correct and incorrect answers, for students. (The website is selling a product, but students can do the quiz without having to look at anything else on the website).

User-friendly websites to share with students

Purdue’s Online Writing Lab has extensive citation resources

How to partner with The Writing Center on campus