Findings and Rationale

After concluding the investigation, the investigating officer will compose their findings in a letter and email this message to the respondent. The letter will include the policies for which the respondent was found responsible, the basis and reasoning for that decision, and the outcomes recommended for the student based on their unique case.

  • All decisions are made based on a preponderance of the information–what is more likely true than not true–with the exception of decisions to suspend or expel students for incidents that do not involve responsible findings for sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, or stalking. In those cases, clear and convincing information is necessary to recommend suspension or expulsion.
  • Students involved in the same incident may not receive the same outcomes. While the behaviors in question may be similar, each student has unique learning needs and conduct histories that may warrant differential outcomes. The obligation of the investigating officer is to provide a fair process consistent with the procedures outlined in UWS 17 and to make a determination on sanctions/outcomes appropriate for each student consistent with our educational mission.

If a respondent accepts responsibility and does not contest the outcomes, then the decision of the investigating officer becomes final after ten days from the date of the decision.

Students who disagree with the findings or the UWS 17 outcomes may request a hearing on the matter.

Suspension and expulsion recommendations are automatically referred to a hearing for resolution, unless the respondent waives his/her right to a hearing or resolves the case via settlement agreement.