Conference with Respondent

In order to quickly resolve the incident, respondents are encouraged to schedule a conference as quickly as possible. In the conference with the investigating officer respondents are asked to share about their student experience and about the incident itself.

In the investigation and resolution process, we have the following expectations for students:

  • We expect that students cooperate with all staff, including student staff, police officers, investigating officers from the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards or University Housing, and hearing committee members.
  • We expect students to answer our questions.
  • We expect students to be honest.
  • We expect students to take responsibility for their behaviors in the incident reported.
  • We expect students to take actions to repair the harm caused by their actions.

The information gathered in the investigation, including the conference, will be used to determine the outcomes for the incident. The findings and rationale for the decision and outcomes will be emailed to the student using the same secure method as the notice of allegations.