Finding Letter Template

Template of the Instructor’s Written Report for Academic Misconduct in Accordance with UWS Chapter 14. This letter is to be emailed to the student, so there is an electronic record of its delivery. You may also …

Restorative Process

In certain situations, restorative processes may be utilized to give the impacted parties greater voice in the resolution. Click to read more

Student Records for Staff

Student misconduct records are protected by the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) and may only be released to individuals/offices with a legitimate educational need-to-know or be written release from the student subject. OSCCS often provides information on student academic and nonacademic misconduct to campus partners when misconduct is related to academic program admissions decisions or certain privileges like study abroad and on-campus employment. Click above to read more about records requests.

Academic Misconduct Flow Chart

General overview of the process by which academic misconduct cases are investigated and resolved by instructors and OSCCS staff.